If there’s one thing Florida has plenty of, it’s real estate agencies. You’ll find them in most any size, from the Mom and Pop’s to the big chains; and in a variety of specialties, from commercial to residential, urban, suburban and rural. So, finding one that’s best for you could take some doing - unless, of course, you’re looking to buy or sell along Florida’s northern Gulf Coast. That’s our specialty and no other agency around, big or small, does it better.

The reason is quite simple and, in a word, it’s our “people.” Not just who they are but their work ethic, the values they live by and, especially, the care and concern they have for their clients. By way of the following short biographies, we’d like to introduce our people with the hope that it will lead to a personal meeting soon. You won’t find realtors more knowledgeable and helpful or friends more reliable and trustworthy.

For more information, contact Scott Clemo.

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